"These were the best nut butters I ever had. When you stopped producing them, I was so sad. Thank you for sharing them with me now!"

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Why is it $10?

In today’s world where e-books are sold online for much cheaper, $10 might seem like a lot to pay for nut butter recipes.

I asked several people their opinion on this e-book, once I decided to mass-sell the recipes.

Most responded with something to the likes of, “Well, I would never give these recipes out in the first place because you can’t put a price on them.”

I landed on $10 without much - okay any - reason, but what I can tell you is that I chose to not go super low because these aren’t just any nut butter recipes.

They are the recipes that an entire business was built on, a business that I poured every last ounce of my being into – financially and emotionally. 

And they were the best d#$% nut butters out there.

Desiree Fence, Amazon reviewer

A Gutsy Girl's Nut Butter Recipes 

The A Loving Spoon nut butter original recipes

I used to own A Loving Spoon nut butters. When we stopped producing the product and scaling for mass production, I chose to sell the recipes via e-book.

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