We will celebrate the ‘Gotcha Day’ anniversary three times each year, and each time we do, I’ll have something to share – child specific or on adoption in general. Today I’m sharing about the four words I hear (or see written) often, “Adoption isn’t for us.”

Adoption Isn't For Us www.sarahkayhfofman.com Samarah 3 year Gotcha Day anniversary #lifestyleblogger #fosteradoption #adoption

Three years ago today, our little Samarah officially became Samarah Josephina Hoffman.

I didn’t know the angle I wanted to take for Samarah’s Gotcha Day, until Samarah made it so clear last night.

Sometimes she and I like to play the whispering game. I tell her a secret, and then she tells me a secret. Last night I started the session by whispering to her, “Samarah, tomorrow is your Gotcha Day anniversary. Tell mama what that means.” 

I got nothing from her. She whispered a few random things to me, and then she was done. Until she wasn’t. She walked back to me, and told me she had one more thing.

Maybe you can be Black like me.

Adoption Isn't For Us www.sarahkayhfofman.com Samarah 3 year Gotcha Day anniversary courthouse #lifestyleblogger #fosteradoption #adoption

My mom asked me, “So what did you say?”

You guys want the truth? I just couldn’t stop laughing. Nothing gets by little Sam; nothing. And then she finished her thought,

Maybe we could just paint your skin, Mama.

Besides the fact that I just love that little girl with my whole heart, it helped reel me in for her 3-year Gotcha Day anniversary post.

Adoption Isn’t for Us

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Adoption Isn't For Us www.sarahkayhfofman.com Samarah 3 year Gotcha Day anniversary #lifestyleblogger #fosteradoption #adoption

Samarah and I are so different, and she was born to a woman I can’t relate to in the slightest. 

But there is something about our connection and how much I adore her every move that’s almost biological. 

I think about this so much, and I have thought about this so much, during this past year.

In case you aren’t aware, infertility is on the rise, and I meet, talk to, and even know many of the “infertile” women who have walked in my shoes. 

I’m not the person to push for any decision. To each is own. If you are unable to conceive a child on your own, then the path to getting a child is miraculous in and of its own. 

Adoption Isn't For Us www.sarahkayhfofman.com Samarah 3 year Gotcha Day anniversary San Joaquin county state of california courthouse #lifestyleblogger #fosteradoption #adoption

But sometimes when I hear – or see it written – “adoption isn’t for us; it’s just not” – I can’t help but wonder, “Why?”

There are challenges that come with it. I have stated it before, and will talk about it, openly, forever. But have you ever met a mama (or family in general) that didn’t have challenges? 

Some women tell me it’s their husband. “He just doesn’t think we would love the child like our own.”

I can never be Black like Samarah (and no, we aren’t painting my face, sweet darling!) But here’s what I know:

  • If I could look like my stunning children, I would. 
  • From the very first moment I laid eyes on Samarah, I never desired birthing my own child again.
  • While there are surprises and things you don’t know/can’t possibly know about children you adopt, I’d argue that it’s the same thing for children you birth. Heck, I just learned things about my best friends this past weekend that I didn’t even know. 

Adoption Isn't For Us www.sarahkayhfofman.com Samarah 3 year Gotcha Day anniversary bench bear certificate #lifestyleblogger #fosteradoption #adoption

I always wanted to adopt, just not in the way it happened. I’ll even make it very clear that, during IVF, I’d gather I told myself over-and-over, “….because adoption isn’t for us.”

And in the end, after everything – adoption has been the very best thing Ryan and I have ever known. In 2015 I said, “adoption has changed our lives.” I believe that more than ever today, and while I maintain to never push anyone to adoption / foster-adoption, I won’t ever stop talking about how it might be the greatest blessing someone may have ever known.

Adoption Isn't For Us www.sarahkayhoffman.com foster adoption quote #lifestyleblogger #family #quote #adoption

And to you, Samarah Josephina Hoffman, today:

Mama can never be Black like you. There will never be another oh-so-beautiful Samarah Josephina like you, in all the world. Mama tells you it constantly, “Jesus made you that way.” And I’ll tell you every single day that same skin color or not; same blood or not, you are my little angel forever. You were the birth for an eruption deep in my soul that said “Yes, ah yes. Now I get it. Everything is totally, and magically, beautiful in its time.”

Adoption Isn't For Us www.sarahkayhfofman.com Samarah 3 year Gotcha Day anniversary #fosteradopt #adoption #lifestyleblogger #fostercare

p.s. Wanna know a little secret? I’ve been feeling this strong desire to write and work on that pivotal, life-changing mantra that helped guide (and continues to guide) my life. The title: Ecclesiastes 3:11.


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  1. Oh Sarah, this has my heart strings pulled! As I write this through the (happy) tears I relate to your words exactly! With three bio kids (boy & two girls), two adopted, and one foster; my feelings for all my children feels no different. They all can get on my nerves and they all have my heart. Our three little ones consist of two boys and one girl. The boys will make three this fall and our little girl just made two. I always wanted to adopt but use to say “fostering isn’t for us”. I am so happy I overcame by fears and jumped in with all my hope and faith. Our babies have blessed us more than we have blessed them. I love Samarah’s idea of painting you because it made me think of a scene in “Robin Hood Prince of thieves” with Kevin Costner. The little girl asked Morgan Freeman if God painted him and he gave her the sweetest response, “Allah loves wondrous variety” and that is so true. Acts 10:34- God is not partial. One day we will have that discussion of race since we are a myriad of colors in my house LOL and I welcome all of their little questions.

      1. Thanks???? I don’t have a blog and it’s for two reasons: 1. Don’t know where to begin. 2. I find it intimidating, lol!

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