The more often, the better. Sweat is a signal that your metabolism is switching into a higher gear. Sweat is weakness, complacency and toxicity leaving the body.

Day 55 of 101 days of blogging makes us sweat.

I love sweating from a good workout; I hate sweating just because it’s still in the 90’s in California.

Regardless of how or why you’re sweating, sweat is good for the body. Sweating helps with things like:

  1. fighting sickness
  2. cleaning out the facial pores
  3. lowering body temperature
  4. reducing stress
  5. releasing toxins


A good sweat not only lets me know that I’ve just worked really hard, but it also leaves the feeling of accomplishment – like I can do anything. No, you don’t have to sweat a ton to prove an effective workout.


I just appreciate the sweaty mess. And of course this:

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


The planned workout today is a guaranteed sweaty mess. And for tomorrow? We’re taking a breather from sweating and working out by spending the whole day with friends, BBQ’ing and going on a biking wine tour! So excited!


How about you? Do you like to sweat? Any big Labor Day weekend plans?

Tomorrow is day 56. Topic:

Stay Strong

Love your guts,

{Join in the 101 Days of Blogging at any point}

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  1. I love sweating…so much so I designed a “Lets Get Sweaty” t-shirt! Also had two sweat sessions today already…one HIIT track sessions…then a later lifting session!

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