Do you write your New Year’s Resolutions and Goals down?

To each is own, but one reason I love writing them down is for the pure satisfaction (or maybe dissatisfaction) of reviewing them at the end of the year.

  • Did I reach my goals?
  • How do I feel about the progress made or not made?
  • Am I motivated and excited still?
  • Do I wish things would have panned out differently?
  • How can I make the next year even better?

I’ve spent some time reviewing my 2011 goals. Wow! I had a ton:

I’m exhausted just reviewing them all. It makes perfect sense, then, why 2011 felt productive and yet exhaustive.

The good news?

I achieved so many of those! I am currently attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (not only that but I just passed my first exam, getting only one answer incorrect and I’ve also been asked by the school to be a #MegaIIN VIP Blogger at the Long Beach, CA Conference in March).

I stepped on the scale probably a handful of times or less in the past year, the Teavana habit is in full effect and I have simplified with food even more through daily, diligent cooking and always being cognizant and even more educated on ingredients vs. ingredient(s).

The realization?

This kind of makes me laugh: Generation Y, Community Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, Generation Z and Social Media (as it relates to health/fitness/food).

It makes me laugh because it’s so much. It’s nearly overwhelming for me to even begin to think about all that it encompasses. I realized this past year that while I might be interested in all of those, I’m not in the business of trying to focus on them all. I just can’t. Time is of the essence. Daily. From a professional and career perspective, my focus is on branding, digital content and general marketing. Those, in and of themselves, will take a lifetime to become expert in.

The “bad” news?

There were goals I did not reach. The goals I did not reach, coincidentally, all kind of go hand-in-hand. The biggest goal I did not reach was my “private” one. And I believe that it was due to a trickle effect: I did not simplify enough, and then I didn’t workout with acceptance, I didn’t give myself enough “silence” and I allowed things that should never overtake my life to overtake it.

This trickle led to the ultimate demise of what I wanted most in 2011: Baby Hoffman.


“Lazy” in 2012

I’m making no excuses for who I am in 2012.

I won’t be “too” of anything.

I’ve removed “digitally-addicted” from my tagline (well, I didn’t physically remove –> the fabulous Brian Gardner & Rafal Tomal did) because to be quite honest, I’m tired of being “digitally addicted.”

And on that note, I’m removing all addictions.

Addictions, even the “healthy” ones, are not so healthy.

I’m not truly looking for a lazy 2012.

I’m just not making big goals and promises to myself. The only thing all of that got me in 2011 was stress, sickness the past few months and a gluten-free foodie-fitness body at a less than optimal healthy state.

Remember what Mr. Bahram Akradi said on goals,

Expect resistance, and greet it with excitement when it comes.

I’m not (currently – and probably only currently) looking for resistance on anything right now. I know me, once I find that post-excitement and feel that rush of motivation, I won’t want to take a back seat to the things that are truly most important to me right now.

I’m going to make decisions in 2012 that behoove me and my family first and foremost. It’s been a very long time since I’ve made these kind of decisions. But it’s time.

I’m going to stop being an over-committing girl who says “yes” to anything and everyone.

Again, I’m making no excuses for who I am in 2012.

And in the coming days, there will be so much more on all of this. Things could get a little personal around here:) 

And for today: December 31, 2011?

I’ll do one last workout in 2011. I’m going to indulge in Ba Ngoai’s homemade Pho for lunch. I’m excited for one last night in Minnesota with family and friends. And then bingo at the VFW with the wonderful people in this small town. Perhaps I’ll do some karaoke. Most definitely grab one last night of drinks. And absolutely spoil myself with smiles –  of true #DailyJoy. And all of these will carry me into 2012.


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  1. Happy New Year Sarah!! Your blog is one of the many great little discoveries I made in 2011. Thanks for that! Here’s to a sale and prosperous 2012!

    1. You are so kind, Joe! You were one of my favorite new connections in 2011 as well. I’m looking forward to following you even more in 2012. Cheers:)

  2. Happy (almost) New Year Sarah. I love the reflections & the fact that you might be playing bingo tonight! I too hope to connect with you this year & to get to know you better 🙂 xo

    1. I did play Bingo last night, Marla. And it was fantastic:) Hope you had a great night….looking forward to getting to know you even better as well. Trip to Telluride?!

  3. Such an inspiring post and one I can relate to. May you achieve the goals near and dear to your heart in 2012!

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