I always bring a pen and paper.

Happy Monday! I love Mondays, and you think this is crazy, right?! If so, I’m encouraging you to take a look at your current position, your goals, aspirations and what you are trying to both give and get from life! Take a long, hard look at it. If where you’re at is the very thing making you dread Mondays, make a change.

You owe it to you! Life is too short to hate 40+ hours of your week. The truth is, when you are happy with Monday and happy with those 40+ hours/week, you’ll be even happier when you are putting in 50 or more hours! Trust me – I’ve been there – and that’s why I find myself here today.

Carry on to the topic at hand….

Always Bring a Pen and Paper

Notebook. Always bring a pen and paper. sarahkayhoffman.com

Lately, I’ve been working out just to find my creative edge. It

It never ever fails. Each and every time I start working out ideas come to me that I could not imagine finding on my own. Inspiration comes in the strangest places and shows up with many different “faces.” Sometimes it’s the music, other times it’s something I read and yet other times it’s found in the solitude of simply sweating and letting my mind wander with ease.

But nonetheless, ideas arise and when they do, I always have a pen and paper handy to write them down. I don’t sit there and detail out everything, but I scribble the initial thought as quickly as possible. If I’m lifting, I will always have pen/paper because my program is on it. If I’m not lifting, I just bring something small. And if I’m running outside – well typically I’m just out of luck – except for what I store in my noggin’.


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